Property Development

Footprint Design & Development has been established to develop real estate opportunities. We provide architectural and property consultancy services and have project management experience as well as expertise in real estate finance.

Drawing from our extensive experience in building and finance industries we find underdeveloped sites with significant development potential. These are shaped by our experienced architectural team to create cost effective designs that are built to maximize returns on investment.

We understand the Process of Building. We understand the process of site and project analysis, construction techniques, acquiring building permits and controlling budgets.

Great Design increases Market Value.

We know how to use design to create quality spaces on limited budgets, we consider innovative and creative solutions which ordinary developers might either overlook or reject.

We know How Cities Work.

We are trained to think in terms of place making and consider how a project might sit within and relate to its context, ensuring long-term benefits for investors, clients and the neighborhoods. We recognize areas with development potential and see real opportunity in a vacant lot that doesn’t seem to offer any value to the untrained eye. Many of our projects are suburban infill developments located on undesirable and oddly shaped lots.

We have created a profitable business. Join our team.